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Paul Coffee's Blend Ground 16 oz.

Paul Coffee's Blend Ground 16 oz.

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Dark Roast - Great for Fans of Dark Blends and Espresso. Paul's favorite blend for that rich, morning pick-me-up that permeates your taste buds, chicklets, and your whole freak'in face! A meticulous blend of 6 different coffee beans from around the world. Great for Espresso as well. Meticulous:  a house secret blend that we are not going to share with anyone!
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Common Customer Questions

Hey Paul ?

Hey Paul, can I buy larger bags of Coffee?

Yes, larger bags are available in 2 lb., 5 lb. and 12 lb. upon email request at

Hey Paul, I am from South Africa and tried your Italian Roast. It was deliciouse. Can you source beans from Africa? I miss home.

OK, not a commonly asked question but; let me know what varietal it was and we can research sourcing of said varietal or something similar.

Hey Paul, I love your company logo! Will you be offering Tee-shirts and swag?

Yes, merch [GEAR] is now offered and you can access these awesome products right here on the web site.